A Thrilling Lineup at ALA

ALA Exhibiting

Light Messages Publishing is excited to have our own booth this year at ALA 2017! We can't wait to meet you at this year’s American Library Association conference in Chicago in just a few days! We will be at booth 2639 with a range of authors who are eager to engage with librarians like you and give away free, signed copies of their books.

Our Senior Editor, Elizabeth Turnbull, and our Managing Director, Betty Turnbull, will also be in attendance. They are looking forward to connecting with librarians and learning new ways that Light Messages can support our communities’ libraries. If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Elizabeth in advance, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We hope you’ll bookmark Saturday, June 24th at 10:00 am for an exciting Chapter One Stage Event with award-winning author Dave Edlund: International Thrillers in a Divided World

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That's a Wrap! Looking Back on ALA 2017

ALA 2017 Collage

Light Messages team attended our first American Library Association conference recently in Chicago. We met with countless authors, publishers, and librarians from across the country to share the news about our meaningful books and emerging authors. 

Author Dave Edlund of the best-selling Peter Savage novels had the opportunity to speak at the Chapter One Stage about “International Thrillers in a Divided World.” He read from his novels and spoke on how his scientific expertise influences his writing and how he addresses global issues through his Peter Savage thriller series. Afterward, Dave held a signing for attendees. 

Upon hearing how one librarian was hooked having just read the first two books of the Peter Savage series, Dave smiled and said, “Meeting fans like that every month or so is why I do what I do.”

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Industry Standards Checklist Reduces Bias against Independent Publishers

Seal StandardsChecklist 01To give both authors and book industry professionals an at-a-glance method by which to gauge the professional presentation of a book, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) – ibpa-online.org – has released a 2-page Industry Standards Checklist for a Professionally Published Book. The checklist is broken into two sections, content and production, and provides an unbiased measure by which to critique published books.

As part of the IBPA Advocacy Committee, Light Messages Senior editor Elizabeth Turnbull helped write the checklist alongside committee chair Brooke Warner of She Writes Press, committee member Karla Olson of Patagonia Books, and Angela Bole, CEO of IBPA. 

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10 Things All Authors Need to Know About Amazon

One of the things that we continue to stress to our authors is the importance of a strong presence on Amazon. Amazon has a dedicated "Author Central" page, where authors can "claim" his/her books, post a bio, updates and trade reviews, and more. As one of the largest book retailers in the world, we believe in the importance of utlizing Amazon to its full capacity. Brooke Warner breaks down the most important misconceptions, little known facts and valuable tips for authors to consider when they are navigating the world of Amazon. This article was orignially featured in Huffington Post.

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Growing Into Book Expo America

Light Messages' Senior Editor Reflects on this Year's Book Expo America in Chicago

When Light Messages Publishing decided to expand to general trade in the fall of 2011 and bring me on as Senior Editor, one of the first things we did was go to the 2012 Book Expo America in NYC. We realized in those few days what a steep learning curve we had in front of us.

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Connecting Book Bloggers, Bookstores, and Authors

You'd be hard pressed to find two groups of people on this planet who are more passionate about books than bookbloggers and bookstores. And yet, rarely the twain do meet. That is, until the Bookstore Bookblogger Connection came to be. In this post, Andrea Johnson shares about the innovative idea behind the Bookstore Bookblogger Connection and what it means for authors.

Bookstore Bookblogger Connection - because we're all connected.


How did this come about?

Last summer, two bookbloggers had an ember of an idea. We both loved shouting our opinions about books to the interwebs, we both loved discovering new bookstores and meeting new booksellers. The idea turned into a flame when we noticed that there seemed to be very little intersection between the bookblogging community and our favorite independent bookstores, and Bookstore Bookblogger Connection was born. We originally designed Bookstore Bookblogger connection as a tool for Independent Bookstores to harness the power of blogger written reviews to do more of what we love them doing: selling books.

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Lessons from Book Expo America

BEA-EJTI spent last week at Book Expo America in New York. It was my first trip to the extravaganza, and I arrived ready to soak it in. Three days––paid––to surround myself with books, authors, and others in the publishing industry. I think I officially have the Best. Job. Ever.

Here are a few lessons I took away with me:

1. Wear Comfortable Shoes.

2. There are more books than you could possibly carry. Be selective in what you choose.

3. Plan strategically. BEA has an excellent "My BEA" feature online where you can scope out vendors ahead of time and print a list in order of their location. This saved my life. And my feet.

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Book Expo America

This is one of those weeks where I am reminded just how cool my job really is. I get to spend this week in New York City at Book Expo America, surrounded by authors, readers, publishers, agents, reviewers, designers, e-book experts... some of the best and brightest minds the publishing world.

I'll be collecting cards, giving cards, and soaking up as much information as I can during these precious few days. And I'll be back on Friday to share the highlights of what I've learned.

 You can also follow along on Twitter @lmpublishing.

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